Find Your Ideal Road

Here you can find information on the roads included in the Kashiwanoha Road Map.

Kashiwanoha has various attractions that you can enjoy while walking or running.

  • Water Road

    This road surrounds the Aqua Terrace. It has many spots at which to enjoy this waterside space, including the Triangular Plaza and Waterfront Stage.

  • Art Road

    This road connects the artsy Ni-Bangai to the Aqua Terrace. An art gallery sits alongside the road.

  • Bustling Road

    This road connects the station and Aqua Terrace. There are plans to build commercial facilities here, turning it into an even livelier area.

  • Nature Road

    A greenery-filled road in Konbukuro Pond Ichigo Neighborhood Park. Enjoy nature while being surrounded by trees.

  • Leaf Road

    A straight road with pruned roadside plants and trees. With a wide sidewalk and bike-only lanes, it’s a very walkable street.

  • Quiet Road

    A narrow road running from Kashiwanoha Park to near Konbukuro Pond Park. It offers nice views and a quiet space for walking.

  • Park Road

    Enjoy a walking route filled with bountiful nature: a variety of trees, flower beds, and more.