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Here you can find information about the highlights of the Kashiwanoha area, which offers greenery-filled parks, universities, commercial facilities, and more.

  • Chiba Kashiwa Noha Park

    The park includes a general sports ground, community gym, rest house, and a boat pond. It’s a full-fledged public park where one can enjoy nature, culture, and sports.

  • The University of Tokyo’s Kashiwa Campus

    This interdisciplinary campus of The University of Tokyo works to fundamentally transform our understanding of academic disciplines. Under the slogan “Adventures in Knowledge,” it is home to innovation and a variety of novel endeavors.

  • Chiba University’s Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences

    Aiming to promote healthy living, this center engages in interdisciplinary education and research on food, the environment, and health, while creating a community space for people to rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

  • Konbukuro Pond Park

    Kashiwa City has been systematically working to preserve and maintain the area’s environment, including its valuable springwater pond, marshland, and forest, as the Konbukuro Pond Natural Museum Park.

  • Kashiwanoha T-SITE

    A commercial facility, centered on the Tsutaya Shoten bookstore, that offers new lifestyle ideas for those with children. One can find food, lifestyle, outdoor, kid-focused, and many other kinds of shops for the whole family.

  • LaLaport

    An environment and health-focused center in front of the station that offers shopping and more. The roof features a garden with a view of Kashiwanoha.

  • Aqua Terrace

    The Aqua Terrace was created out of the No. 2 Storm Water Reservoir to provide an enjoyable waterside space for people get together and have fun. It includes benches, a deck, and the Waterfront Terrace.